Whyte Tygers

Heather Lee & Jordan Wynn have had many-a-backing-band.  These bands have generally been comprised of the same 2 to 6 players over the last decade or so, with each of those members tagging in and out on certain songs, instruments, albums, and shows as scheduling and whimsy has permitted (with half a dozen really good names, too).  The winds of change are a blowin’.

The newest moniker for the band that is backing HLJW is Whyte Tygers.  With this new lineup there is a new sound.  That may seem to be an obvious and unnecessary statement – new musicians = new music.  However that’s not always the case.  In this day and age, where an album is recorded and then performed per the recording in all subsequent live performances – vitality and joy are often hard to come by.  Enter Whyte Tygers.

Heather and Jordan had been writing new material with a little more pop and groove than had been previously expressed with the band.  As often happens, a series of seemingly unrelated events led to meeting a new rhythm section at another gig, and a conversation was started.  Firstly, about boots, hats, and guitar gear – then about songwriting, songwriters, and soul.  A couple weeks later and Whyte Tygers were born.

Heather Lee & Jordan Wynn will remain the way the duo are billed when they perform just the two of them – as they have for the better part of the last twelve years.  But moving forward, Whyte Tygers will be the full band associated with HLJW.  Keep an eye and an ear out – there’s more to come.

P.S. – Make sure to follow @WhyteTygers on Instagram and @WhyteTygers on Facebook for all the social stuff and whatnots.


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