The Hymnal

9/8/17 at midnight this EP hit the interwebs. We were actually playing a gig in Orlando @lil_indies and played the opening cut to this album at the time it was going live online. It was kind of cool. It’s been a little while since we put out a studio recording – and some of these tunes are over a decade old at this point. This album is partly a reference to how we were raised (in the old time church doctrines) and also a compass pointing toward where we’d like to go – with love, empathy, and appreciation toward all. It’s highly unlikely you’ll hear us perform these tunes live as a duo or out with our band @whytetygers, but we still wanted to document these songs and put them out there for those who may care to listen. Many thanks to @elliottnjames for all your hard work engineering, mixing, drumming, etc. We were also thrilled to have @aboyandhiskite master these tracks. It was our first time getting to work with Dave, but we certainly hope it’s not the last. @charliebrewer did a fantastic job with the cover layout, as always – and a huge Thank You to my dad, Tom Wynn, for the original painting that was used for the album cover.

If you’re interested in hearing the tunes you can check out this link to Spotify or iTunes to purchase.  See y’all around.


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