Times & Dates

Heather Lee & Jordan Wynn’s second studio release may seem like a slight musical departure from their first self-titled album. The critical acclaim that came for the 2010 debut album included phrases like “quiet charm” and a “delicate sonic concoction.” While those accolades certainly still ring true, this album — Times & Dates — is a broader example of Folk-Rock and Americana than was previously displayed by the band.

Lyrically, melodically, and vocally Heather Lee has never been better. Her songwriting has flourished, even as their family has (two more children have joined the Wynn household since the first album). Jordan’s guitar playing, arranging, and texturing have also grown – stretching up and out in directions that weren’t previously explored.

Staying true to their roots in 50s R&B, 60s Folk, and 70s Rock, the husband-and-wife duo have put out their most ambitious album yet. Fans of the first album will find all the things they loved before – amplified. Those just now discovering Heather Lee & Jordan Wynn will instantly hear something recognizable in the music and be intrigued by what’s new.


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